Community Partnerships

Coole School reinforces academics, character-building & substance abuse prevention.

Coole School’s vision and mission is to raise protective factors, lower risk factors and enhance refusal skills for students to reinforce the teachings of educators and parents. This is done with our Character Education program embedded in the games, puzzles and articles in each planner.

Our student planners, for grades Kindergarten through 12th are the only planners available that complete the "perfect prevention circle". This circle encompasses the student, the teacher, the school, and the parent/guardian and community.

Coole School student planners are peer-reviewed and follow the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Concept Development path for creating effective prevention materials and programs.

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Community Partnerships Support Education and Leadership

Community Partnerships

Coole School is a member of the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America, and we support their National Leadership Forums.

Coole School is all about kids. We are committed to help parents and educators to teach their students to Learn to Learn! and Refuse to Use!

"Good character is showing your best...even though no one is watching." -

Nicole, 10th Grade

"Good character means being true to your work, family, friends and yourself." -

Laralyn, 5th Grade

Student Planner Curriculum Reinforces Character-Building Skills

Delivered on a daily basis via interactive student planners, Coole School offers the only research based, curriculum embedded in a student planner.

Documented as scientifically accurate by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, Coole School’s research-based program includes pre/post-testing and evaluation components. The student planner and education support program benefits the students, parents and teachers in a variety of ways:

  • Enhances "protective factors" and moves toward reversing or reducing known "risk factors" by teaching drug resisting skills, promoting personal commitments against drug use, and strengthening communications, peer relationships, self-efficacy and assertiveness skills.
  • Reinforces what children are learning, such as facts about tobacco and bullying and their harmful effects...creating opportunities for family and caregiver discussions
  • Builds life skills by promoting problem-solving, decision-making, resistance against adverse peer influences and social and communication skills
  • Reaches the intended audience daily and repeatedly throughout their school career.
  • Delivers appropriate, age-specific and culturally sensitive messages.

Pre-tested and approved by officials, administrators, and counselors to be "scientifically accurate”, conforming with public health principles and policies and appropriate for the intended audience" by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.

This program has appeared in the resource libraries of the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information and the Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Perfect Prevention Circle

Perfect Prevention Circle

Fosters Open Communication Between Parents, Kids and Educators

The Perfect Prevention Circle is an open communication tool between students, school, and parent/guardian against alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Coole School Student Planners help to complete this circle with an 11-month curriculum of prevention and awareness materials.

Our student planners help to open a line of communication between parent and child by presenting topics of extreme importance to youth, teachers and parents: saying no to drugs, showing respect, coping with peer pressure. By openly discussing these topics, you positively reinforce and counteract the potential negative influences kids get from peer pressure.